Saturday, March 17, 2007

Universal love: Pato Banton in Jerusalem

My friend Eliyahu McLean hosted the noted reggae singer Pato Banton in his home in Jerusalem. Pato is described as a "conscious UK reggae artist", which makes sense when you hear his songs. This song is inspiring! Hajj Ibrahim is there to enjoy things -- of course.

Video made by CaseyYurow, Youtube.

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Rebecca Rosen Lum said...

I was googling Eliyahu McLean for a story I'm writing (I am a religion writer for a daily metro paper in California.Up popped your blog. I clicked on "Pato Banton," and there was a still photo from a video, showing my son Leon! Also known as Ariel Elisha, he is seated to the left of Pato, playing the melodica. Small world! And beautiful blog.
Rebecca Rosen