Saturday, April 21, 2007

Using fashion to promote a culture of violence

Mere days after Cho Seung-Hui shot dead more than 30 victims using handguns, photographer Laszlo Balogh photographed a model presenting swimwear during a fashion show in Budapest, April 19, 2007:

Notice the handgun attached to the garter belt? The physical intent of firing a handgun at a human body is to penetrate it with overwhelming violence, rupturing muscles, possibly shattering bones and disintegrating organs, causing vast pain and sometimes death.

The intent of attaching a handgun to the leg of a scantily clad model is not quite so simple. Perhaps the person responsible simply adores weapons. Perhaps he or she gets a thrill out of sex and violence. Or perhaps the person is simply dim-witted fool who provokes controversy without understanding it. But whatever the truth is in this instance, ultimately such displays glorify sex, power and violence.

The world of fashion as seen on global catwalks has long been one of the most vacuous human endeavors of all time. Shows like the one in Budapest demonstrate it to also be one of the most insensitive.


Germán said...

True. But wasn't 'world fashion' just another reflection of our postmodern times for a start, and not an independent entity.

Lee said...

I actually agree with your statement. In fact I think im developing a wary hypothesis actually, a more anti-hypothesis of hijab women and the disfigurement of women and men perceiving us as mere sexual objects. Honestly, as a woman myself I feel as if I am not a woman, merely a female in the shadow of 'women', 'woman' is entirely a different cast and meaning, it does not convey who I am. I suppose as a muslim woman, I think hijab is a way to say fuck you to all men, no pun intended :)